And It’s Up


At MoMA… on 53rd street in front of the Modern!

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  1. Catharine Stebbins

    wow, andrea, it’s amazing! congratulations on your fantastic installation.

  2. patrick doyle

    Awesome, Andrea! Well worth the enduring anguish look on your face from your previous post. I’ll definitely check these out if i’m in the city soon.

  3. Looks so great, Andrea. This really sparkles with life. You seem to have squeezed everything that you are about in there!

  4. dear andrea!

    i’m an art school student from sweden,
    i was not able to see your show here in magasin 3, but i read about it,
    and i saved the image of your wagon station – that desert gold and red dressed with shiny fabric,×8000).

    i’m very interested in the capsule, or this idea of something encapsulating protective. with adventure potential! to me i guess they sort of represent the dream of a feministic and artistic utopia; as objects a structure or set of rules that will represent and bring you closer to some kind of possibility. something like the female counterpart to the man’s dream of a space rocket.

    i’d be very grateful if you could tell me what material you used for these wagon stations, and perhaps something of your thoughts on that.

    i read you talking about representing something typical, and how it is important, to which i agree, especially when it is in flux – such as in trends or memes. to me thats thinking of altering something controversial – like living as a female artist in the desert, creating enchanted objects. like turning something other into something encouraged to identify with.

    sorry for posting all this in your commentary field,
    again, i really appreciate your work,
    all best regards,


    • andrea zittel

      Hi Sara,

      The Wagon Stations have a powder coated steel frame and the panels are made out of ultralight MDF, lexan, and aluminum. These materials are ones that can hold up to the desert elements better then some of the other materials I’ve worked with in the past.



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